Founders of PINK Partners

Marie Black

Co-founder of P.I.N.K. Partners

I began my journey with cancer before moving to York in 1998. I had finished chemo and all that entails, including the ultimate ego buster of being sick and bald! But, I had gained a new insight into living life.

Immediately after moving, and taking all the necessary steps to find physicians to follow up on the medical side, I found myself wanting to reach out to others with this diagnosis.

As fate would have it, a friend hired me to work in her new day spa, and it was there that I met another survivor and person of vision, someone who became a dear friend and soon to be co-founder, Cindy. Although ideas grew quickly, things moved very slowly initially until I came in contact with another survivor, still in treatment. This woman had the same diagnosis as I had. We exchanged information and ideas and found even more common ground. Lisa, as a physician, had seen numerous patients diagnosed. She knew the needs from all angles. Together we realized the need for a networking group that acknowledged all aspects of the needs of survivors. Just as each cancer is different, so is each journey.

At the first meeting around the kitchen table at my house, we were joined by another survivor with aspirations for a survivors’ group, Jeanne Addison. From there to our first group meeting in Lisa’s basement, many ideas, thoughts, talents and concerns were shared. Therein lies one of the many lessons of survivor-ship: cancer does not define the survivor. Our journey to founding PINK has not been easy, and definitely has had obstacles. Yet this group of women working together has created a unique venue for survivors, by survivors.

Throughout our journey together I have been blessed to meet women of courage, intelligence, energy, creativity, thoughtfulness, awareness, many interests; oh, and by the way, survivors! Blessings and hugs!


Dr. Lisa Fritz

Co-founder of P.I.N.K. Partners

Dr. Lisa Fritz, previously of White Rose Ob/Gyn Associates, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in November 2004. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, she developed a peripheral neuropathy which hampered her return to her beloved practice.

She is now the Director of Medical Education at The Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center. Her passion to reach out to others contributed to the creation of PINK in 2005 with three of her fellow survivors. Lisa learned through her cancer journey the importance of networking with other survivors and attributes her survival with the support of friends, family and God.

Cindy Myers

Co-founder of P.I.N.K. Partners

Along with the many challenges and struggles of working and raising four kids ages 15, 13, 7 and 2…I was given a Stage II breast cancer diagnosis on November 1, l999. (You don’t forget the date!) Surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and oral medications followed.

While I had the love and emotional support of family and friends, and spiritual support through a women’s bible study group, I desperately needed to connect with someone who had “been there” and “walked the walk”. I was unable to find such a group or even just one person until after my treatments ended. I finally met a survivor through a friend. She gave me the inspiration and hope I so needed.

In 2005, with the shared concerns and visions of three more survivors, PINK was founded. Our efforts continue in reaching out to those newly (or not so newly) diagnosed to offer hope, encouragement, networking and support to become their own health advocate.

Co-founder of P.I.N.K. Partners

When I was 46 and received the news that I had breast cancer, I trembled for weeks. You see, my Mom had died of cancer a few years earlier, and I was extremely afraid. What helped to calm me over the next few months were the love and care of my husband, sons, relatives and many friends, as well as the complete steadiness and genuine concern of the physicians (including Lisa Fritz) and nurses who took care of me.

What also helped, a few years later, was when Lisa approached me about creating a group that would bring together newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. I thought it was a great idea. That is when PINK (short for P.I.N.K. Partners) began.

Over the years, PINK has had hundreds of activities and educational programs for its members, and it has raised thousands of dollars for mammograms and other services for women diagnosed with breast cancer here in York County. May PINK have many more years of friendship and service amid breast cancer survivors!