Pledge Your Support to Cancer Research and Treatment

Make a donation today to help P.I.N.K. Partners and our mission. Every amount is helpful and will benefit our cause. We have set up some convenient donation options below from which you can choose. We appreciate your support – thank you!

Level 1 Donation $10

This pledge amount is suitable for those of you who still to give toward a worthy cause but cannot afford a large amount. Donate $10

Level 2 Donation $25

This amount is perfect for those of you on a budget or who want to pledge regular support monthly and still not break the bank. Donate $25

Level 3 Donation $50

For those of you who can afford a little more, or who want to donate several times per year, this size donation is a great choice. Donate $50

Level 4 Donation $100

If you have been directly affected by Breast Cancer and want to pledge your support, this amount may be right for you. You can do a one-time donation or set up installments throughout the year. Donate $100

Level 5 Donation $250

You got a surprise performance bonus, received your tax refund or hit the lottery...then this level could be for you. Donate $250

Maybe you want to give a little more or want to set up recurring donations on a monthly basis. Then a custom donation would be perfect for you! You can choose any amount and pledge your support.

Mail Your Donation To Us!

For those of you who would rather write us a check, you can mail your donation to support PINK Partners as a check or money order, made payable to:

PINK Partners
11 Hudson Drive
York, PA 17402

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate more than once?
Yes! You can return to this page any time or set up a recurring donation when you make your pledge.
What is the payment method?
We use PayPal because it is very secure. You can set up a free account or use a credit card to make your donation.
Can I donate as a gift for someone?
Certainly! There is a field named "Donation is in Honor of" when you make your pledge. Simply enter the name of the person you wish to celebrate.
Will I receive a receipt?
Yes. PayPal will send you one via email or you can access it through your account. We will also mail you a receipt for donations of $50 and more after the donation processes.